We know that quality is important. That’s why we want to help you choose the best Print Provider based on your needs and expectations, print quality and production time.

To ensure this, we created an algorithm that can help us rank every Print Provider offered within the Printify Platform. Our algorithm is updated every day, so we’re making refinements to the scores constantly. 

What is a Print Provider Ranking?

The Print Provider ranking is based on the Product Reprint Ratio, the Delayed Production Time Ratio, and User Reviews. What this means is that a combined score is calculated based on a Print Provider’s time to fulfill an order, the number of reprints they’ve had, and their engagement with users.

Where can I find this?

You can see the Print Provider Ranking in the product catalog - simply click on the product to see the Print Provider options available. The Print Providers will be shown in descending order, based on the Print Provider Ranking.

It is possible to change the Print Provider order by choosing other parameters.

How can I influence these ratings?

Merchants impact the rating of print Providers in several ways. One particular way of influencing this rating is to leave a review on your sample order.

When you receive your sample, you'll be able to rate your Print Provider on a base of 1 to 5 stars.

Once you rate your sample order, a more detailed review window will appear, where you can submit your thoughts on the quality and fulfillment speeds of the Print Provider.

Don't let poor quality stand between you and your customers. Check our Print Provider Rankings to get the best results for your store.

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