You've spent all this time making the perfect design for your product, yet, an error message appears. You may have seen the "Some layer resolution is average" notification, or the image quality is so low that you're unable to continue with your design at all. Now what? Before you solve the problem, it would help to know why it happened. 

If your image has a low resolution, the reason is in the dimensions of the design.

What determines my image quality?

The dimensions of your image are the starting point of any design, and will be required before creating any project. The smaller the dimensions of the image, the less resolution you will get out of the final design.

Printify has added a specific dimension requirement for each design area of a product, and it looks like this:

Located to the right of our mockup generator, you will see important information for specific design areas of the product you're working with, including file support, maximum file size, and the recommended dimensions for that zone.

That means that depending on whether you're designing a sleeve of a t-shirt or the back of a hoodie, the recommended dimensions will change. You can check out our Must Read Design Guide to get an in-depth description of key design elements. 

How do I improve my designs?

To improve your design, you really have to start with a great foundation. It can be difficult to increase the dimensions of an image and keep the same definition, once it has been made. Use your software of choice to help the images meet our minimum quality requirements. The software is not limited to Adobe Photoshop or other expensive software. 

A popular option is GIMP, which is a free open-source image editor available for use. Alternative options include Pixlr  or Photopea, two different browser-based image editors. Here's our extensive free guide  regarding design tips and common mistakes to avoid.

If you are using a vector-based image file, the design can be rescaled within the design software without losing its definition, before exporting as an image file.

To make your design process easier, we've included a list of viable sources available for use right now.

Design Resources

Consider trying out our integration with Shutterstock, which offers more than 300 million images to choose from.

Read more about Shutterstock integration here.

Here's a blog article on free resources for designs, and where to find them.

Bonus Tip

Printify makes it effortless for merchants to get started with their designs by giving away free designs!

With so many options, it is easy to see why Printify is your choice for Print-On-Demand services.

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