There could be several reasons as to why there is a publishing issue affecting your Etsy products - let's go over each of them.

Firstly, make sure that your Etsy store is completely set up. This includes the store name, language, and other preferences. You must also create at least one manual listing in Etsy, and add a payment method to set up Etsy billing.

Etsy limitations

Etsy requires that a product is available in all of the same size variants across all selected colors - otherwise, problems may occur during publishing.

You can check if this applies in your case, by clicking on "Edit Design" next to the product, and then checking the variant availability in the mockup generator:

There are two options for the fix:

1. Deselect the particular size variant that is not available in all colors entirely, and republish the product;

2. Deselect the problematic color option entirely, and republish the product.

In addition to the already mentioned limitation, check the following:

  • Product description cannot be blank
  • The product title is no more than 140 characters
  • The product title contains no more than 3 words in capital letter

After making sure that your store is completely set up, and your items are available in all colors and sizes, you can now publish your items to Etsy to start making effortless sales!

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