If you’re having issues with publishing your products to Etsy, it is possible that you haven’t completed all the required Etsy store set up steps. If that’s the case, it means that your Etsy store is not active yet.

All the following steps need to be completed to have a fully functional Etsy store:

  • You have set your store preferences (Etsy store name, country, currency)

  • You have completed the ID verification process on Etsy

  • You have added your payment information in Etsy (how you’ll get paid)

  • You have set up billing (how you’ll pay the Etsy listing fees)

  • You have created at least one product listing in Etsy (which can be deleted later on)

Please note: If these steps were previously not completed, we recommend reconnecting your Etsy store with Printify once they have been.

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