If you're struggling to publish your newly created products from Printify to your Etsy store, there are some easy fixes to help you.

Where's the problem?

To begin, make sure that your Etsy store is completely set up. This includes the store name, language, and other preferences. You must also create at least one manual listing in Etsy, and add a payment method to set up billing.

If you have covered the set-up process, then we can focus on the main issue at hand.

The issue lies within the availability of the selected variants for the items you wish to publish to Etsy. This may sound difficult, so here's an example.

Let's assume you are selling a T-Shirt in two different colors (black and white), and three different sizes (S/M/L). Let's also assume that the Black T-Shirt variant in size Medium becomes unavailable in our catalogue (out of stock/discontinued). With Etsy, this would then deem the entire product to fail to publish.

How do I solve this?

It comes down to two options. You have the choice to either remove the color or the size variant which is unavailable for the overall product, and this should solve the issue. 

Additional Troubleshooting

There are a few limitations that need to be addressed when dealing with Etsy. These limitations can impact your publishing process and should be taken into account before proceeding. Limitations include:

  • Product descriptions cannot be blank
  • The maximum length for a product title is 140 characters
  • No more than three words can begin with a Capital Letter

Making sure that your store is completely set up, and your items are available in all colors and sizes, You can now publish your items to Etsy to start making effortless sales.

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