Are you struggling to publish your Printify designs to eBay? If so, there are some things we can do to solve this issue, and help you get back to what matters. Making sales.

What's the issue?

Before we go into troubleshooting, it is crucial to know that currently our eBay integration only works in the US marketplace ( If you have an account based in other marketplaces (, etc), the integration will not work. 

What's the solution?

When it comes to eBay, solutions can be one of many, and the list can be rather long. So, to help you get your solution faster, we have come up with a list of a few common cases you may be dealing with when it comes to publishing your product.

  • Be cautious of your Selling Limits. eBay enforces its sellers to follow a strict Selling Limit. We recommend checking your seller limits to make sure that you are within their boundaries with your listed items. Remember, that the Selling Limits imposed by eBay are for your entire store, and not just your individual product. If the limits have been reached by either item quantity or the retail value, you will not be able to publish a new product
  • Make sure that your payment and return policy is set up in the eBay settings (set payment method to automatic monthly billing).
  • Write your product title to be no longer than 80 characters
  • Limit your product description to 4,000 characters
  • Take the time to read and accept eBay's International Selling Agreement
  • Sync your PayPal information with eBay. E-mail accounts and addresses should match between both platforms (make sure to verify your e-mail on PayPal's end as well)
  • Keep your language clean in your listings. Using explicit terms in your descriptions and titles can lead to issues with publishing your products
  • Check the status of your account. If your account is on hold, you will not be able to publish new products
  • Shortened URL's are not encouraged in your product descriptions. Placing links under your product details can result in failing to publish
  • Because our integration with eBay works with a special Printify API, it is important that everything is connected to work smoothly between the two platforms. You can check the status of this API by heading over to your eBay Account Settings, and then finding the "Site Preferences" tab on the left hand side. You should then see a list of third-party authorizations. If "Printify" is not one of those options, you will have to reconnect your store to restore the API.

    There is no one specific way of knowing which of these bullet points could be the one relevant to your store, but we encourage you to check all of these items before trying to publish a product on eBay again. 

Additional Details to Consider

  • Shipping cost must not exceed the cost of the item. You can always set your shipping to be free, and add the cost for shipping in the retail price instead
  • Our integration depends largely on what eBay is doing. When it comes to publishing, sometimes the server eBay uses may be down, and it may be wise to try again later
  • Selling limits can only be increased by eBay. They will review your performance monthly and increase it accordingly

Remember, if you are still struggling to publish your products to eBay, you can always contact our Merchant Support to receive special assistance regarding your case.

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