These settings are an important step to having your Printify account work seamlessly by itself or with one of our integrations. Setting up your Store Details and Order Approval Settings can help you manage your fulfillment options with Printify.

What are Store Details?

Store details consist of two primary fields: the "Store Name", and the "Ship From Address". You can find them via the "Settings" icon in your Printify "My stores" page.

What are Order Approval Settings?

Order Approval Settings are fulfillment options made available to help you better organize how you fulfill your orders.

These options include "Manual", "Automatically in 1 hour", "Automatically in 24 hours", and "Automatically at a certain time every day". You will be charged for the order only once it is sent to production.

You will find these settings important if you're looking for a more streamlined fulfillment experience, rather than having to manually fulfill each order (unless that is part of your strategy, of course).

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