"My Orders" page has gone through some renovations and experienced several updates to help give you the best experience using our platform.

List of Updates

  • New Quick Filters - A series of quick filters will be present now to empower you in efficient sorting of your orders.
  • New Date Selection - Use this updated filter to quickly see a set of orders for your specified date range.
  • New Statuses for Filtering - A new selection of filters is now available to help you organize your information faster.
  • Business Day Count (Orders in Production) - Individual orders will now show elapsed time in business days since your items were sent to Production.
  • Estimated Shipping Date (Orders in Production) - You can now see an estimation of when your ordered items will depart the Print Provider's warehouse.
  • Estimated Delivery Time (Orders in Transit) - See your delivery status at a glance, right in the "My Orders" page. (Availability of this feature depends on the print provider and carrier you choose for your product. The feature is not available for all products.)
  • Changes to the Overall Aesthetic - Changes in design have been made to make your experience navigating the page easier.

An example of the new quick filters option to help you better manage your incoming orders:

Here's an example of what the updated Order Status looks like in the new "My Orders" page:

Final Thought

The "My Orders" page is constantly experiencing improvements, with many more to come. We are hoping that you will utilize this page to help you stay organized and on top of your incoming orders. Make sure to continue reading our Help Center articles to stay ahead of our new features and notifications regarding any future updates we may have.

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