Ready to start using Prestashop with Printify? Excellent. Let's dive right in!

Step 1

Printify will not show on the PrestaShop App Market. At the moment, you must start your integration process from the Printify home screen. To begin, make an account with Printify, or log in if you already have one. Once you're in, navigate over to the top right corner of the page, click on the Profile Icon, followed by the "My Stores" link.

Step 2

Proceeding to the "My Stores" section, navigate over to the top right corner to find the "Add New Store" button and open a list of available Printify integrations. Find the PrestaShop integration, and click on "Connect". 

Step 3

Assuming you've gotten this far, the next window will then prompt you to input your PrestaShop store link. The very first time you try to connect most likely will be an unsuccessful attempt - but don't worry. Integrating PrestaShop with Printify requires a specific zip file module, which you will be asked to download from the same page we were just on. 

Step 4

Proceed by downloading the module, and then installing it in your PrestaShop app by heading over to Modules -> Module Manager, followed by “Upload a module” in the upper right.

The module will afterward appear in your PrestaShop modules at the very bottom of the page, under “Other”.

Once the module is successfully installed in your PrestaShop app, you are now primed to make a successful connection. Repeat steps 1 - 3, and that's it!

Final Thoughts

Some things to consider once you have successfully integrated your PrestaShop account with Printify would be your Printify Account Settings and your shipping settings within PrestaShop. 

Make sure to have completed these settings in both platforms to have the most optimal experience.

On PrestaShop, this can be done from within Shipping -> Carriers. To begin the process, simply click on “Add new carrier” in the top right. There, you’ll be prompted to fill the mandatory fields before proceeding to step 2, where the real setup begins. 

Set the Billing field to “According to total weight” since each product from our side will be imported with a specific value in weight. According to these values and our shipping rates, you can then proceed to set the rates up accordingly.

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