The Affiliate Program enables you to introduce Printify to new customers who may be interested in using our services. Once they make their first sale, you get a piece of the revenue (5% of the value from the Product Catalog Price sold through Printify). The period for which you receive the commission is a fixed 12-month term.


If you’re a passionate entrepreneur, educator, content creator or influencer who would like to refer your audience to the Printify platform, you may be the right fit.

Before applying, read and agree to the Affiliate Agreement.

Application Process

Step 1

To apply for the Affiliate Program, please create your affiliate account.

Step 2

Once the account is created, you will be greeted with the Affiliate Dashboard.

Step 3

To start earning with the Affiliate Program, navigate yourself over to the "Assets" section of the Dashboard, where you will find your uniquely generated link. You can edit this link to better suit the needs of your brand or business.

Step 4

Use this unique link to promote Printify through any choice of your sales platforms or social media services.

Step 5

Reap the benefits and rewards of being a Printify Affiliate!

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