Finding Your URL

To find your unique Affiliate URL Link, access the Printify Affiliate Dashboard, and go to the “Assets” section. 

There, you will find your Affiliate URL Link, which looks similar to this:


You can use your Affiliate URL to link virtually any page on the Printify Website

Just add your affiliate code at the end of the URL.

For instance:

Save time and resources on Content Creation by linking your audience to content developed by Printify.

Modify Your URL

You can modify your unique Affiliate URL Link right in the dashboard:

Step 1

Go to "Assets" > Click on "Advanced" > Click on the "Edit" icon.

Step 2

A field will open, where you can input your new value:

The Referral Code is not case-sensitive, meaning that "NewValue" and "newvalue" will be considered as the same Affiliate URL Link.

⚠️ Important! When changing your Affiliate URL Link, the previously shared URLs will no longer work. Make sure to update your shared links.

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