We understand that the pandemic has brought new challenges to your business. To help, we are delivering live updates and have launched several new features that will make it easier for your business to adapt to the changes.

Live updates

Useful features

  • Order Routing will automatically route an order to an alternative print provider, in the case the original print provider is unable to fulfill it. Make sure this feature is enabled!

  • Order Import feature allows you to manually import your store orders even if they do not contain linked Printify products, and fulfill them with Printify.

  • With the help of our Migration Tool for Shopify users, you can change the fulfillment partner to Printify while keeping the same product listing in Shopify.

Delivery times and COVID-19

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has had lasting effects on the shipping carriers — the carriers are no longer able to offer the same delivery time guarantees as during the pre-pandemic period.

Subsequently, it means that Printify anticipates delays on top of the standard delivery timeframe:

  • Domestic: + 5 business days

  • International: + 10 business days

We hope for your understanding and would recommend you to disclose this within your store as well.

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