As the global community continues working together to curb the devastating effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, we aim to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus while maintaining our high standard of service.

Printify’s Responsibility

Our mission is to ensure that you, our employees, merchants, and all customers, are safe. We took the necessary steps to encourage social distancing by asking our colleagues to work from home. Our distribution centers are also prioritizing high sanitary standards in their facilities. 

We understand that this pandemic brings new challenges to your business. To help, we are delivering live updates and continuously launching features that will make it easier for your business to adapt to the changes.

Live Updates

See live Print Provider-specific updates

See operational status of all our Print Provider network at a glance

Useful Features

  • The Order Routing Feature allows you to migrate new and existing orders in the case that the used Print Provider is unable to fulfill them.
  • The Order Import Feature will enable you to import orders with different SKU numbers, when compared to those at Printify.

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