All-Over-Print products are a fascinating way to captivate your customer - or anyone for that matter. Achieving high-quality results can be challenging, and it is essential that you fully understand the capabilities of printing AOP products before submitting for production.


Due to the nature of the Cut and Sew process, it is not very easy for the manufacturer to create detail-heavy designs (such as text) in specific areas of a garment. 

Another limitation to consider is with wrap-around elements. For instance, creating a snake that curls around the garment could create issues for the alignment of the final product.

These areas could include but aren't limited to cuffs, collars, and (rib) waist areas on select products. The products affected are:

Design Advice

Because of these limitations, there is no guarantee for the placement of text designs or proper alignment with wrap-around elements.

We advise staying away from these around the mentioned areas (cuff, collar, and waist) as there could be unexpected results in the final print (typed text upside down, or others). When it comes to design for the specified areas of the garment, we recommend using patterns and solid colors that don't require specific orientations.

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