Our vast network of Print Providers works diligently to provide a high-quality product to your customers. Though sometimes, they could run into challenges causing the Print Provider to close temporarily. To help you stay ahead of this, we created a tool you can use right now with a small adjustment of a few settings.

How it Works

The Order Routing feature is responsible for migrating new and existing orders in the case that the used Print Provider is unable to fulfill them. 

New orders will be processed automatically, but for current items on hold, the procedure is still manual on our end. Those orders will be processed within several hours of enabling. The process is automatic once you've enabled the feature in your settings, and will correlate to your previously selected Order Approval Settings, located just below. For multiple store accounts, settings must be enabled per store.

Once activated, Order routing will include all products possible. However, due to the limitations of individual print providers, not all orders will be able to be fulfilled. If the same product is unavailable, the product will be replaced with the closest matching quality, color, and material product.

To enable the feature, click here or follow these steps below:

How to enable the feature? 

  1. To enable the feature, head over to the "Manage My Stores" Section in the Store Dropdown Menu. Find the store you wish to enable the feature for and click on the "Settings" Icon. Then, on the left-hand side, click on "Preferences":

2. In the "Preferences" menu, find "Automated Order Routing". Here, you can choose between not Routing your orders (default setting) or doing so automatically. To enable the feature, click on "Replace orders Automatically" and Save your new Settings:

Once Enabled

  1. The feature will take the incoming/existing "On Hold" orders and search for other Print Providers that have similar products and can fulfill your orders.

    If using the exact brand, model and color for order fulfillment is of great importance for your business, it is possible to use only exact product matches by checking the respective box under Additional Settings for Automated Order Routing. If there will be no alternative Print Providers that carry the same exact product, we will not look for substitute options and will place such orders in hold.
  2. Our algorithms will look for the cheapest Print Provider with the same fulfillment options and a preference for domestic facilities. By default, the newly selected Print Provider might have an increase of no more than $2 per line item (production and shipping costs included). If the price is greater than what is set, the feature will continue to look for other Print Providers.

    If you wish to change the allowed additional cost, please change the price difference under Additional Settings for Automated Order Routing.
  3. Assuming a substitute is found, the order is on track to be fulfilled again.
    Please mind that your design file might be downscaled if the print area for the chosen substitute is smaller than for the original product.
  4. If finding a substitute option isn't possible, the item will remain "On Hold" until further action from you. 

Options if No Substitute Found:


To keep track of your rerouted orders, a set of notification screens will be available. Approved items will contain notifications similar to the ones below:

Additionally, you will be able to see the production cost difference for the routed orders in your orders list:

For orders that have failed to obtain a substitute, a notification describing the reason for failure will appear.

In the case of the unknown root cause of the failure, you will encounter this notification:

If the found substitute product increases the order cost beyond the limit you have set, this notification will appear:

If it's not possible to find a substitute product that would be similar to the original product, you will see the following notification:

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