Our global network of print providers offers immense flexibility when it comes to choosing the print provider of a product.

However, in order to adapt to the situation in times of uncertainty, our team has come up with a tool that will allow to automatically send the order to another print provider within our print provider network, if the original choice is unavailable for some reason.

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How it works

Order routing offers a smooth redirection of the order to another print provider. If enabled, it would take place in the following cases:

  • The ordered product is out of stock (OOS) with the chosen print provider

  • The ordered product has been discontinued by the chosen print provider

  • The chosen print provider has reached their daily order capacity, which has been implemented to prevent fulfillment delays

  • The chosen print provider has been temporarily closed

The process is automatic once you’ve enabled the feature in your settings, and will correlate to your previously selected Order Approval Settings, located just below.

How to enable Order Routing

1. To enable the feature, head over to the Manage My Stores section in the store dropdown menu. Find the store you wish to enable the feature for and click on the Settings icon. Then, on the left-hand side, click on Preferences:

2. In the Preferences menu, find Automated Order Routing. Here, you can choose between not routing your orders (default setting) or doing so automatically. To enable the feature, click on Replace orders automatically and Save your new settings:

Please note: If your account has multiple stores, routing must be enabled for each store.

Additional information

  • The maximum possible design scaling difference is set at 7%. It means that if the order print file would be scaled down by more than 7%, then the order won’t be routed to another print provider.

  • If the same exact product is unavailable, the product will be replaced with the closest matching quality, color, and material product. If using the same exact product is essential to you, then please check this box in your Order routing settings:

In case there are no exact alternative matches, such orders will be placed On Hold and await your further action.

  • Our algorithms will look for the cheapest alternative print provider with the same fulfillment options and a preference for domestic facilities. Furthermore, the product price difference should be no greater than $2 per line item (production and shipping costs included). If the price is greater than that, the order will be placed On Hold awaiting further action from you.

It is also possible to increase the maximum allowed additional cost:

  • Assuming a substitute is found, the order is on track to be fulfilled again. Please note that your design file might be downscaled if the print area for the chosen substitute is smaller than that of the original product.

  • If our system failed to find a substitute, the order will need to be edited manually in order to proceed to production — by switching the product that is being used. It is also possible to cancel the order and receive a refund.


For orders that have failed to find a substitute, a notification describing the reason for failure will appear. It will also be mentioned what are the next steps you should take.

Additionally, you will be able to see the production cost difference for the routed orders in your orders list:

Once you have clicked on the routed order, you will be able to see a detailed view of the original product and the replacement:

Video tutorial

Here's a quick recap of the same steps in a video format:

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