As a result of the ongoing pandemic, deliveries to certain shipping destinations may temporarily be slower or be suspended entirely.

To find out the current shipping restrictions of any print provider in particular, please reach out to our team by clicking on the chat bubble or by emailing to [email protected].

How am I notified of the affected orders?

You will be notified by email, as well as via alerts shown in your Printify account:

You’ll see further information about the particular order once you click on it:

What happens next?

The affected Printify order will be placed “On Hold”, awaiting further action, depending on which restriction applies to that particular destination:

  • “Possible delay in shipping” — the order can still be submitted to production, but you may want to get your customer’s approval before proceeding with the order. To proceed, click on the Submit anyway button.

  • “Shipping destination restricted” — delivery to this shipping destination is not possible at the moment. You have the following options in this case:

    1. Manually edit the order and replace the print provider that is being used (and/or the product). Changing the print provider is likely to help, as they have different locations, as well as they use different carriers.
    2. Reach out to the customer and obtain an alternative shipping address that is not restricted.
    3. Leave the order “On Hold” and send it to production at a later time when the restriction will be lifted.
    4. Cancel the order and refund the customer.

We will not charge you for any orders that remain “On Hold”.

When it comes to orders with possible shipping delays: if you wish to disable the default “On Hold” status for these orders, you can do so on your store settings page by opting to “Send orders to production automatically”. It means that any orders affected by shipping delays will proceed to production automatically (the same as regular orders).

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