To decrease the time you spend wondering about shipping restrictions and trying to spot orders that could potentially be delayed, we have developed a functionality that will stop automated order fulfillment for orders going to the affected destinations.

How does it work?

Based on the latest information on shipping restrictions that we continuously gather from the carriers used by our Print Providers, we will (1) put the affected orders on hold instead of sending them to production, (2) highlight the orders on the main Order list and (3) display a notification on the page of the order. 

There are two possible scenarios when it comes to orders affected by shipping restrictions: either the delivery is going to take longer than normally or it is currently not possible to deliver to the particular destination at all. The notification on the order page will provide additional information on the particular order:

It is also possible to apply the "Shipping Restrictions" filter on the Order List to check all affected orders at once:

In case you see the shipping restrictions notification displayed, you can proceed with any of the following actions:

1. Edit the order, replacing the print provider* used for the fulfillment of this order or changing the delivery address;

2. If your order can still be shipped, but is likely to experience a delivery delay, you can choose to fulfill the order by clicking the "Submit Anyway" button on the order page;

3. Cancel the order.

We will not charge you for any orders that remain on hold.

If you wish to disable the default 'on hold' status for orders with potential shipping delays, you can do so on your store settings page by opting to 'Send orders to production automatically':

* Changing the Print Provider might help, as they have different locations, as well as they use different carriers. You can see the full list of destinations affected by the shipping restrictions HERE. A single Print Provider might have several carriers, so make sure to check the one that's relevant to your situation. It is not possible to deliver to destinations in the blacklist, while the delaylist contains destinations that are affected by less strict prohibitions.

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