Printify Import’Ant is a Chrome Extension that enables you to import orders from any platform to your Printify "Orders" page.

Printify Import'Ant will make your life easier if you:

  • Use multiple POD platforms for fulfilling orders from the same sales channel;

  • Use a sales channel that we do not support yet, for example - Squarespace, Big Cartel or Ecwid.

How does it work?

1. Find the app in Chrome Web Store & add it to your Chrome browser:

2. Click on the extension that has now appeared on the right from your address bar and sign-in with your Printify credentials.

3. Open the customer details of the desired order for import and click on "Customer Details" inside the extension window.

4. Fill in the customer details and the shipping information by highlighting necessary fields in the original order:

5. Select the product you wish to add to the order.

6. Click on ‘Import Order’ to send the order to your Printify "Orders" tab. If you have multiple Printify stores, the extension will send the order to your first Store on the list.

7. To send the imported order to production, go to your Printify "Orders" tab and click on "Submit order". Until you do so, it will remain on hold.

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