Are you ready to start selling Printify products on your BigCommerce store? Let's get started! 

You can integrate with BigCommerce both via the Printify homepage and BigCommerce's marketplace. If you're joining via the marketplace, please proceed directly to Step 3.

Step 1

If you're starting on our homepage: create an account with Printify, or log in if you already have one.

Step 2

Follow the steps as shown below: 'Manage My Stores' > 'Add New Store'. Find the BigCommerce integration, and click on "Connect". 

Step 3

Once you've clicked 'Connect', on Printify you'll be directed to Printify's app on BigCommerce's marketplace. If you're starting on BigCommerce's site, please search 'Printify: Print on Demand' on the marketplace and get our app for free.

You'll be able to access Printify through BigCommerce by entering your login details from our site.

Before you start selling

Once you have successfully integrated your BigCommerce account with Printify don't forget to complete your Printify Account Settings and your shipping settings within BigCommerce. This will help you get the most out of these two platforms.

On BigCommerce, shipping settings can be added from within Shipping -> Shipping Manager in your Store Setup

Each product from our side will be imported with a specific value in weight (you can check it by clicking on the product on BigCommerce's "Products" section). 

Then choose "Ship by Weight" as your Shipping Option on BigCommerce and set up your shipping rates according to these values and our shipping rates.

Final Thoughts

A thing to keep in mind when publishing your products: add a BigCommerce collection (category) when creating the product. It won't be possible to publish a product unless you do so. 

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