If you are a fan of Printify but are selling through a sales channel Printify does not support yet, CSV Order Import could save you a lot of time. The feature allows you to upload your order information - customer details, product information, and design files - to Printify in bulk. CSV Order Import can also be of use if you are creating custom designs for each order.

Step 1: Go to your Orders tab and click the "CSV order import" button

Step 2: Download or copy the CSV template, get familiar with the Print provider and product information that will help you fill in the cells of your CSV file.

Step 3: Fill in the order information in your CSV sheet.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the first row is not left empty
  • Make sure you are using Alpha-2 country codes
  • Shipping method rules: 1 stands for standard shipping; 2 - for express shipping
  • Under the "Print Area" columns you should enter image links that lead to your designs, for example, https://mydesignfiles.com/123/mydesign.jpg
  • Currently, .jpeg, .jpg, and .png formats are supported

Step 4: Upload the file! Make sure it's .csv.

  • In case the import fails, double-check the information entered in the sheet.

Step 5: Check the imported information to make sure everything seems correct. If all looks good, click on "Submit orders".

Step 6: Now you should have some imported orders as well as automatically created products. As it is not possible to ensure a precise design placement using the CSV order import, go to your "My Store" section, click on the paintbrush icon, and adjust the designs as needed. Make sure this step is carried out before sending the orders to production!

Step 7: Once the design placement is good to go, you can either wait for the imported products to be sent to production in accordance with your Order Approval Settings or speed the process up by clicking "Submit Order" straight away!

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