We recommend that you consult a tax specialist or CPA to get advice on sales tax and regulations in your specific case.

Starting from the beginning of October, Printify is obligated to collect and remit sales tax on US orders being shipped within the US. However, sales tax won't be applied to the order if you have submitted a valid resale certificate to us.

We advise consulting with a tax professional or CPA to determine if you have sales tax nexus within a given state. Typically, you would qualify for sales nexus if you hold a physical presence or economic nexus within a given state or states.

Please note that international sellers may also have sales tax nexus and may be required to register for sales tax permits if selling within the US.

We recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Check if/where you have a sales tax nexus. Here is information for international sellers.

  2. If you have nexus, we recommend consulting with a sales tax advisor or CPA, but the steps will most likely include:
    - Choosing and setting up a tool for tax calculation and collection;
    - Applying for a sales tax permit for each state you have nexus in;
    - Submitting a resale certificate for each state you charge sales tax in – to purchase products without paying sales tax if you plan to resell them. This means that Printify won’t charge sales tax in those states;

  3. If you collect taxes, you will also need to report and remit them, thus, use your chosen tool for tax reporting and follow their guidelines.

If you don’t have nexus and haven’t submitted a valid resale certificate, Printify will charge sales tax on orders shipped to states where Printify is registered - no action on your part is needed.

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