A resale certificate (also known as a sales tax exemption certificate) is a proof that you can buy an item tax-free and that it is intended for reselling.

Please note that a sales tax permit (also known as a seller’s permit) is not equivalent to a resale certificate. However, using our Sales Tax Wizard tool, it is possible to digitally fill out the resale certificate form for select states and hand it in to Printify to become tax-exempt in those states.

Once the resale certificate is submitted and approved, sales tax exemption will apply to all of your stores that are connected to your Printify account.

Submitting your existing resale certificate to Printify

If you already have a resale certificate, it can easily be submitted to us by uploading it from your Printify account.

You can upload it in your account settings under Indirect Taxes or follow the steps as shown below.

Creating and submitting a resale certificate to Printify

If you have a sales tax permit, it is also possible to generate and subsequently submit a resale certificate for select states.

For your convenience, we have prepared the following guides of the self-service certificate submission process.

  • Single State Resale Certificate guide (PDF)

  • Multi-State Resale Certificate Guide (PDF)

  • Single State Resale Certificate with out-of-state State Tax ID Guide (PDF)

  • Multi-State Resale Certificate with out-of-state State Tax ID Guide (PDF)

Things to keep in mind

  • For transactions between Printify and your company, Printify is the Seller and your company is the Purchaser;
    Issued to Seller: Printify, Inc.
    Seller address: 108 West 13th Street,
    Wilmington, Delaware 19801

  • Your business name and address in the form must match your registered business name and address on your business registration license;

  • Furthermore, your business name and address in the My Account section in Printify must match the information in the resale certificate (this information will be visible in your invoices only);

  • You may write “E-commerce retail”, if the form requires to describe the type of business you engage in;

  • You may choose “Retailer” if you primarily sell to consumers, “Wholesaler” if you primarily sell to other businesses;

  • Make sure your resale certificate is signed and dated (if submitting by uploading it);

  • You may write “Print-on-demand clothing, accessories and home & living items”, when asked to describe the property you intend to purchase from Printify (if submitting by uploading it);

  • Printify requires you to submit these documents for verification: your state sales tax license for each state ID number you will be using on a resale certificate, as well as your business registration license if you are using a DBA (Doing Business As) name.

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