Has it ever happened to you that everything with an order goes swimmingly up until the very point it reaches your customer’s door before the customer even receives their tracking number?

Allow me to explain what might have happened, which Shopify preferences are key where fulfillment appendage is concerned, and how to work around it.

Should I worry about this?

If your product was published directly from Printify and no preferences were changed on Shopify side, most likely not. The options that determine whether we append tracking are added automatically when the product is published, and unless changed, will work with automatic order fulfillment.

The few things that determine whether an order will be synced with us are as follows:

  • SKUs match the ones on Printify side, or the product was migrated over and matched to one on Printify side;

  • “Inventory managed by” is set to Printify for each respective product variant.

The option can be found under Products → a product of your choice → Variants → Edit.

Not to mistake it for the “Vendor” drop-down - the vendor you select is entirely up to you, and you’re by no means obligated to display Printify on your listing.

Now, let’s see what each of these options means for your Printify order.

“Inventory managed by” set to Printify

This means you’re using our service by integrating directly with our app. If automatic fulfillment is what you’re after, good news, that’s the one for you.

In this case, our application is responsible for syncing any and all updates regarding your Shopify customer’s order fulfillment. We create the fulfillment when your Shopify order is sent to production over to us, and update the order when the print provider notifies us about finalizing the fulfillment.

“Inventory managed by” set to Shopify

Basically, this means that solely you are responsible for controlling inventory and order fulfillment, and we won’t be able to update order line fulfillment in this case.

Once an order is fulfilled, you would have to add the tracking to your customer’s order manually.

“Inventory managed by” set to any other external app

Any other fulfillment service not unlike Printify, which integrates with Shopify using an external app.

In this case, we cannot update order line item fulfillment if the other service is responsible for doing just that.

In conclusion, we won’t be able to update your order fulfillment if the “Inventory managed by” is set to an external app, or set to manual.

Alright, but what about this specific case where Printify should’ve appended tracking but didn’t?

There are indeed cases where the Shopify order contains both Printify line items, and external line items that were imported through to our side yet still have an external fulfillment service set on Shopify side. It might seem that we would be responsible for appending tracking information, but sadly we’re unable to.

For such cases, as of now, we can recommend updating the fulfillment and tracking manually on your Shopify order details page.

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