There could be various reasons as to why you might be selling products in your Etsy store that were not originally published from the Printify side. For instance, the existing listings have good SEO and rankings, and are saved on the Favorites list by your potential customers. Understandably, you may not want to lose these by recreating the product in Printify, to ensure automatic order fulfillment.

Good news is that the orders with these unsynced product listings can still be fulfilled with Printify. What is more, it is possible to apply sales tax exemption to these orders, since sales tax will have already been paid in Etsy.

How to import Etsy orders with unsynced products

1. Ensure that you have completed our Etsy sales tax exemption letter, which is a proof that you are already paying sales tax on your imported orders within Etsy. The letter will grant you sales tax exemption on all orders that are automatically being imported from Etsy - even if the products have not been recognized.

2. Orders with "unrecognized" products will import to your "Other Orders" tab, this is due to our Order Import Feature.

Please note that currently it may take around 12 hours for Etsy orders to appear in your Printify account, and the same applies to the “Other Orders” tab.

3. Click on the order, then Select Product - you can map this product with one of your existing products within Printify, or create it from scratch:

4. Double-check that the selected product is in the same size and color as the product that the customer ordered in Etsy, and proceed to add the design, if creating the product from scratch:

Check the box if you are not customizing this product’s design for each order, so that next time someone orders this product variant in your store it will be fulfilled automatically.

5. Check that all details have been completed, and click on Import Order:

6. The order will appear in My Orders tab, and will be sent to production according to your Order Approval Settings. It can be sent to production immediately, if you click on Submit Order button.

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