Our team is pleased to announce the latest Printify integration: this time with the online image library Shutterstock. This integration is a first of its kind for us, as it will work differently — it will provide you with near-unlimited, high-quality print file options, which can be used together with your existing sales channel.

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How it works

The integration allows creating products with images provided by Shutterstock, which can be published to your preferred sales channel at no upfront cost to you. Instead, whenever the product containing a design from Shutterstock is sold, the Printify product cost will contain a small fee which will go to Shutterstock.

This means that there’s no risk for you — create and publish as many products as you want, and pay for the image only if the product is sold. You have full creative freedom with the built-in Shutterstock Editor, which allows you to easily modify the chosen design to adjust colors, add custom text, remove the background and more.

How to use it

1. Log in to your Printify account and follow the usual steps for creating a product: click on Add product and then select the Shutterstock option in the Mockup Generator.

Please note: Upon choosing this option, you are agreeing to the Shutterstock Terms of Service.

2. Once the image library has opened, you’ll be able to choose between two collections of images.
Essentials collection — a large selection of the most popular stock images from Shutterstock.

Full collection — choose from over 300 million different images.

3. Use the search bar to find suitable images. You can apply filters and sort the search results to help you find the most suitable image:

Photo: photographic images;

Vector: digitally created images that can be resized easily, without diminishing their quality;

Illustration: digitally created designs.

4. Using the built-in Shutterstock Editor, you can remove the background, as well as add a custom text. Play around with the different effects to customize the design to your liking.

To remove the background, click on Effects Remove background.

Tip: You can also use your cursor as an eraser brush and remove any elements you don't want in the design. Change the selection to Preserve main object to manually fill any removed areas back in, if too much was removed.

5. Click Save when you’re done with editing.

6. Next, you can add additional color variants to the product by opening the “All colors” menu. Adjust the final file placement on the product, preview it, and click Save product when done.

7. Follow the usual process of publishing the saved product: click Edit listing, choose the preferred mockup image view, adjust the product description, title, pricing, and proceed by clicking Publish.

Please note: As per the Terms of Service of Shutterstock integration, the author of the chosen design is automatically added to the product listing’s description field.

8. Your new product has been published and is available for sale!


Essentials collection design fee: USD 0.99 per image.

Full collection design fee: 17.5% of the Printify production cost (with the minimum fee of USD 1.49).

Example: if the Printify production cost is USD 5 (17.5% of the production cost is USD 0.88, which is lower than USD 1.49), the design fee will be USD 1.49 (minimum fee).

Instead, if, for example, the production cost is USD 20 (17.5% of the production cost is USD 3.50, which is higher than USD 1.49), the fee will be USD 3.50.

It should be pointed out that the image itself cannot be downloaded.

The fee for using the image will be applied each time when the product with the chosen image is sold. The fee will be added to the Printify production cost.

You can preview the final Printify production cost (inclusive of the Shutterstock fee) before you proceed with the publishing:

Additional information

  • By using the integration, you agree to follow the Terms of Service.

  • Currently, the use of built-in Shutterstock integration is limited to logged-in users. So, log in or create a new account to try out the design creation.

  • You are purchasing the right to use the image for the chosen product via Printify. However, the image itself can’t be downloaded.

  • Due to the aforementioned reason, it will only be possible to use the Printify mockups for these products.

  • It is possible to use multiple Shutterstock images for the same product, however, in that case, the image fee will apply to each unique image, resulting in an increased production cost. The suggested retail price is increased automatically.

  • You may duplicate the same image at no additional cost. The fee will remain the same regardless of the number of times the image is duplicated.

  • The background removal tool removes the background based on its color. You might need to use the adjustable manual brush tool to remove the background with more precision. Select Preserve main object and use the brush to fill in any removed areas as needed.

  • Review the final design in the mockup images before publishing. All elements shown there will be printed in the final outcome.

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