To keep their services running as smoothly as possible, all major US shipping carriers* have announced temporary shipping surcharges during the 2021 peak holiday season. As these changes also affect the print-on-demand industry, Printify is no exception.

Starting from October 5 until December 26, a USD 0.30 surcharge will be applied to all Printify orders shipped within the US.

We settled on this number as the majority of our orders are shipped under the shipping profile that faces the increase of USD 0.30 per order. To make it easier for you, we are applying this amount flat across all of our US orders.

What does it mean for me?

  • A temporary shipping surcharge of USD 0.30 will be automatically applied to all of your Printify orders going from US-based print providers to US destinations.

  • The surcharge is applied per order, not per parcel (e.g., it’s still USD 0.30, even if you have several print providers fulfilling a single order).

  • You will see the surcharge as an additional position in the billing section of the order details page.

How can I keep my profit unchanged?

To keep your profit margin unchanged, consider these options:

  • Raise your product retail prices to absorb the surcharge amount — this is our recommended approach, as it is unlikely to have a negative impact on the customers’ perception.

  • Alternatively, add a handling/service fee of USD 0.30 within your sales channel, if your sales channel offers this option.

* Sources: USPS, FedEx, DHL

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