Our print on demand service is focused on helping you make more money with less effort. Staying true to this statement, the majority of orders will take care of themselves. However, we want to make sure that you know what to look out for to be able to stay on top of things in those few cases where further action is required on your part.

We’ve created this short summary to help you ensure a smooth experience for all of your Printify orders.

Keep on top of your orders

It is now possible to filter your Printify orders according to their status. Click on each label to see the affected orders, or open the full menu for additional filtering:

Orders with “On Hold” status will be processed according to your order approval settings. If these have been set to Manual, then you will need to remember to manually approve each order to send it to production.

Enable Order Routing so that the order is automatically routed to another print provider if it cannot be fulfilled by the original print provider - leaving you with less manual work on your part!

Please note: The red labels require your attention - these orders won’t proceed to production if no action is taken by you.

Keep track of all orders

Previously only available to Printify Premium plan users, it is now possible to import any order that you have received in your sales channel for fulfillment with Printify.

This approach will be especially useful to you if you:

  • Sell product bundles

  • Sell products that are not linked to Printify (for SEO reasons or otherwise), but you fulfill them through Printify

  • Also sell products that are not fulfilled by Printify

If the Printify product SKU has, for some reason, been changed, then if ordered, the order will import to the "Other Orders" tab as the product has not been recognized. Orders in this tab require further action to be sent to production, therefore we recommend periodically checking this tab. This will allow you to make sure that there are no orders slipping through the cracks.

To learn more about the Order Import feature, click here.

Please note: There is no notification about the orders that go to the "Other Orders" tab. Make sure to check this tab from time to time to see if it contains any unimported orders.

Order fulfillment process explained

Behind the status “In Production” in Printify lies a multitude of actions that need to be performed by the print provider, including but not limited to: picking, pre-treatment, printing, and quality inspection.

You will see a more detailed status by clicking on the product timeline:

Once the print provider receives the order data, the order will wait in line to be printed. The length of this period of time will depend on the print provider’s order backlog, which can increase during busier periods. However, rest assured that your order has not been forgotten, if the printing doesn’t start immediately - it is simply waiting for its turn.

During this time, it is possible to cancel the order free of charge. You can request a cancellation by opening each individual order, then clicking on “Cancel order”:

Unfortunately, since the wait time for each order can differ, this also means that a cancellation may not be possible if the order has already entered the production process.

Please note: The order is not immediately canceled upon pressing "Cancel order". It creates a cancellation request - our team will check with the print provider if the cancellation is still possible.

When should I get in touch with support?

Our dedicated Merchant Support Team works round the clock to resolve any issues you might be having. Our team is continuously taking steps to increase the speed of our response times, however, inevitably - our response times will slow down during the busiest periods of the year.

While we can promise that no question will go unanswered, we also understand that sometimes time is of the essence and this can cause frustration.

Our response time will be shorter if the support inquiry is immediately directed to the correct channel. If your inquiry is related to a particular order, we'll appreciate it if you click on "Request Support" from within the affected order:

Don't forget that you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our Help Center.

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