Choosing the right mockup images for your store products can definitely have an impact on customers’ perception and, therefore, on your sales. While most Printify products offer several mockup styles to choose from, we understand that options still remain limited, and you might not find one that truly reflects your store’s unique style.

This is why we have partnered with the largest online mockup library — Read on to learn more about how to make use of their vast mockup selection.

How to use the mockups from Placeit

1. Create a product in Printify and publish it to your store (choosing one of the available Printify mockups).

2. Find the product in your Printify “My Store” section and click Edit listing.

3. Then click on “Find more mockups on Placeit to showcase your designed products”.

4. Register with Placeit — you can choose to use their paid subscription (to access all mockups) or use the free mockup options (register so that they don’t have the watermark on them).

5. Use your design file to create your desired mockup and download it to your computer. Then manually upload it to the product listing in your store (not in Printify).

Make sure you only choose such mockups that very closely resemble your Printify products, to ensure that the customer will receive the same product as in the mockup.

If you ever need to republish the product from the Printify side in order to update some details, you will want to make use of selective publishing so that the mockup images are not overwritten in the process (back to the Printify images).

For this, you will need to uncheck the box for “Mockups” when republishing the product.

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