On occasion, some variants of the products in your store may temporarily go out of stock. In order to avoid receiving orders of unavailable product variants, we’ve created “out of stock” notifications, which will alert you of any changes to product availability.

These notifications will be most useful in cases where the affected product is only offered by a single print provider, and thus, can’t be routed to an alternative print provider for fulfillment.

How it works

1. In the “My Store” section, you'll see a notification of the product variants that are out of stock from the chosen print provider.

2. Upon seeing the notification, you'll be able to make the necessary adjustments to the product.

However, the recommended approach will depend on your current store settings, and whether this particular product is available from more than one print provider. Click on See variants to see the available options:

  • Replace - you can use thereplace option and permanently switch the product to an alternative print provider which has more variants in stock. You can also switch the product to a similar alternative product model.

  • Order routing - if you've already enabled order routing and your products are route-able (more than one print provider offers them), then you don't need to take any further action upon seeing the out of stock notification. In case of something being out of stock, the order would simply be routed to another print provider.

However, if the affected product is only offered by a single print provider, the best course of action will be to remove the unavailable variants from your store and republish the product:

  • Remove variants - this button will remove all out of stock variants from the affected product on the Printify side.

Please note: in order to reflect the changed availability in your sales channel as well, you must republish the product after clicking “Remove variants”.

In case you're using custom mockups for your product, or have made other changes to it within your sales channel which should not be overwritten, you will want to republish the product selectively:

Click Edit listing, then make sure to uncheck all boxes apart from "Colors, Sizes, Prices". That way it will sync the new availability but leave the other product details unaffected.

Please note: Currently, after the removal of the affected variants, there won’t be a notification of when they are restocked. However, a "back in stock" notification is something that our team is already working on.

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