Typically, when an order contains products that are of the same product type, and are also printed by the same print provider, the total shipping cost will be as follows: a full shipping fee for the first item and a reduced shipping fee for any additional item.

Conversely, if an order consists of products that are not of the same product type and/or are printed by different print providers — the full shipping fee will be applied to each of the products, since they will be shipped in separate packages.

What is the limitation?

Unfortunately, due to a shipping profile limitation on the Etsy side, a reduced shipping rate will be automatically used in all orders of multiple products, even if the products are not of the same product type and/or are fulfilled by different print providers. As a consequence of this: if an order consists of multiple products, then in some cases the Etsy store customer is charged a lower shipping fee than they should be.

Since it won’t be possible to achieve full shipping fee accuracy due to the mentioned limitation, we recommend that you make the following changes, which will effectively mean that some customers are charged slightly more, and some are charged slightly less than they should be. The end outcome of this being that your bottom line is not affected because it cancels each other out.

Use one of the following workaround strategies to avoid this affecting your profit margin:

  • Manually increase the “Additional item” shipping fee on Etsy (we recommend increasing it by 50% of the difference between regular shipping fee and reduced shipping fee, for each shipping region);

  • Raise your product retail prices slightly, so that any shipping discrepancies can be absorbed that way.

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