We’d like to inform you about some changes we’re making to our Etsy integration. With your best interests in mind, we’re moving over to some new technology in order to improve our order processing quality and speed.

We’re aiming to make this change as smooth as possible, so it’s important that you go over the information below to find out how this affects you.

What does it mean for me?

If you’re currently seeing "Unsynced Orders" tab alongside your usual order tabs, this means that at this point in time, your "Other Orders" tab no longer contains any unsynced Etsy orders placed at any point in the past - these old orders are now temporarily stored under "Unsynced Orders" tab instead.

This is a temporary solution to allow you to bring over any of your old "Unsynced Orders", as well as to eliminate the case where any orders are lost in the process of us moving to this new technology.

Your "Other Orders" tab, however, will continue receiving new unsynced orders as per usual, and those orders are here to stay.

To recap:

  • "Other Orders" tab has been emptied of orders, but any incoming unsynced orders will continue to be stored there as usual.

  • "Unsynced Orders" tab - a temporary tab that contains all of your unimported orders up until the introduction of the change.

Please note that this tab has now been removed along with the unsynced orders it contained. Any new unsynced orders can be found in your "Other Orders" tab.

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