While there are more than just 2 options available, we recommend using one of the two approaches that are described below when selling Printify products.

Free shipping

This will be a suitable option for you if you expect most of your customers to be in one area or country (for example, in the USA).

The idea is to include each shipping cost within the retail price of your product. In other words, your products will appear to have “Free Shipping”; however, the shipping price will be included in the final amount the customer will be paying.

Please note: In Printify, you will still be charged with shipping costs as usual. Using this method, you are charging the customer with the shipping cost “hidden” in the retail price.

Due to the vast differences in the shipping rates for different destinations, we’d recommend disabling all other destinations in your BigCommerce store shipping settings. Please note that this means that those customers won’t be able to check out in your store.

Weight-based rates

Using this method, you can set up weight-based flat rates. We recommend this option only if you’re planning to sell just one product type (like t-shirts).

If you will be selling a mixture of different products (t-shirts, phone cases, mugs etc.), we recommend using the “Free shipping” option instead.

How to set it up

1. Navigate to “Store Setup” in your BigCommerce dashboard. Then click “Shipping” → “Shipping Manager”.

2. Let’s say you want to sell t-shirts from Merch Made Easy, which means that shipping rate for a single shirt is $4 (within the USA), and $2 for each additional shirt.

We’ll be assigning a weight of 0.5 lbs to a single shirt. Input the range values as shown below.

3. Do the same for the other shipping zones. Typically, merchants will add at least 3 shipping zones: Domestic (USA), Canada, Rest of the World (International).

4. Next, edit the weight of your products so that it matches the shipping rules you’ve just set up (i.e., t-shirt weight = 0.5 lbs).

5. As the final step, log out of BigCommerce, navigate to your storefront and test the rates by putting some products in the shopping cart.

Need some extra help with your shipping setup? Get in touch with our Merchant Support team by clicking on the chat bubble.

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