If the order contains a product with an SKU number that was not recognized by our system, then that product will be omitted from the imported Printify order. Only recognized products will be imported into Printify.

Typically, one of the following applies:

  • The SKU number has been manually changed on the sales channel side, so it no longer matches the Printify SKU.

  • The published product has been duplicated in the sales channel and the duplicate has been ordered instead of the original (the duplicate product is not linked to Printify).

What should I do?

If the order is “On Hold”, you can edit it and add the missing product manually.

If the order is already “In Production”, you have the following options:

  1. Submit a new manual order in Printify that contains the missing product, and let the customer know it will arrive separately.

  2. Request a cancellation of the order (not guaranteed to be possible) and once cancelled, recreate the order manually in Printify with all products.

  3. Explain the situation and refund the customer for the missing product in your store.

As for the affected product: please check whether your products are linked properly, by clicking on the See in store button in Printify.

If the link is broken, it means that the product is no longer connected.

The affected product should be republished from the Printify side, and any unlinked/duplicated products that you have in your sales channel should be deleted in order to avoid further problems.

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