If you’re editing your Printify product from the Etsy side, you’ll notice that Etsy is asking you to fix the product’s shipping profile in order to be able to save the changes.

You’ll encounter this in the following case:

  1. You’ve published a Printify product to your connected Etsy store.

  2. You’ve made changes to the newly created product in Etsy’s “Shop Manager” → “Listings”.

  3. You’ve attempted to save the changes.

How to proceed

1. Click “Edit” next to the affected shipping profile.

2. You’ll see that some of the fields are highlighted, namely — “Origin zip code” and “Delivery time”.

3. Input the following information and update the shipping profile.

Origin zip code: 19801 (Printify zip code)

Delivery time: 2-5 business days (please click here to check the domestic delivery time of the particular print provider that is being used for the listing)

Don’t worry — no other changes will occur to the shipping profile or the shipping price.

Please note: Make sure that the “Country of origin” is set to “United States”.

4. Once the shipping profile has been updated, you’ll be able to save the changes by clicking Publish in Etsy.

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