The applicable VAT rate will be automatically calculated and added to the Printify order cost. The shipping fees are also included in the taxable amount.

Depending on several variables listed below, the applied VAT rate can range between 0% to 27%.

The exact VAT rate is calculated based on:

  • What country an order (or a particular product) is printed in (origin country)

  • Where it is shipped to (destination country)

  • Whether you have submitted a VAT ID to Printify (and if yes, depending on the country of VAT registration)

Abbreviations used: EU — European Union, DE — Germany, IE — Ireland, NO — Norway, PL — Poland, UK — the United Kingdom, US — the United States of America, VAT — value-added tax.

Examples are calculated in accordance with value-added tax rates and regulations on August 20, 2021.

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