You can submit your VAT ID(s) within the dedicated VAT tab in your Printify account.

If you have several VAT ID numbers in Europe, please make sure to submit all of them to Printify.

1. Navigate to the “Indirect Taxes” → “VAT” tab. There you will be presented with the VAT ID submission form.

2. Before you proceed, make sure that your business information is accurate, or click “Edit in my account” to make adjustments.

Please note: If you make changes to the business information at a later date, the previously submitted VAT IDs are automatically invalidated.

3. Select the VAT ID issuer country and input your VAT ID number. If you have multiple VAT IDs, you can submit them all at once.

Please note: Currently, it is not possible to submit your IOSS ID number to Printify. We are working on enabling the capability of validating your IOSS ID numbers in the future.

4. Double-check your information, check the box and click Submit VAT ID.

Once submitted, the VAT ID validation process may take a couple of moments. Refresh the page to see the final status of your submitted IDs.

In case the VAT ID comes up as invalid, check the ID number for typos. Then delete the invalid entry and resubmit.

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