On occasion, some product variants may temporarily go out of stock (OOS). We will alert you of the change in availability via “out of stock” notifications in “My Store”:

If you’re using WooCommerce, eBay, Wix, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, or Squarespace: simply republish the product to automatically remove the unavailable variants from the listing. However, if you’ve enabled order routing*, then you don’t need to republish the product.

If you’re using Etsy or Shopify: you can choose between the 3 available options (2 for Shopify users) of variant visibility:

  1. Show all variants as available for purchase — choose this option if you’re using order routing*. If someone orders a product variant that is unavailable, the order will be routed to another print provider for fulfillment, and you won’t lose the sale.

  2. Display the unavailable variants as “sold out” — this will be the best option for SEO optimization.

  3. Display only the available variants, and hide the unavailable variants from the selection.

* Please note that a product can be routed to another print provider only if it is offered by multiple print providers, or if you’ve enabled the “similar product” option in your routing settings by unchecking the box.

How to update the product variant availability (for Etsy and Shopify users)

Please note that you will need to update the product by republishing it each time you see an “out of stock” notification in your Printify account. The product stock status in your store listing is not updated automatically.

1. Click “Edit listing” next to the affected product.

2. In the “Store details” section, choose your preferred option on how to proceed, then click “Publish” to update the product.

If you choose to hide the unavailable variants, they will be automatically removed from your store listing upon clicking “Publish”.

A note for Shopify users: Due to a technical limitation, only 2 product variant visibility options are available for Shopify — show all variants as available, or only show in stock variants and hide the unavailable variants.

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