Get familiar with Printify’s key product & order management features that will help you ensure a smooth experience for all of your Printify orders.

Choose which product details you want to update

When making changes to a product on the Printify end, you can use Printify’s selective publishing feature. This allows you to update individual product details.

For example, leave “Colors, Sizes, Prices” checked if you’re updating your product’s stock status.

This feature will be especially useful if you’re using custom mockup images for your products. Before republishing the product, simply uncheck “Mockups” to avoid reverting your images back to the default mockups.

Easily switch the product or the print provider

If you’d like to switch the product model or the print provider while keeping the rest of the product unchanged, use our “Replace” feature as shown below:

Stay up to date with the product’s stock status

Printify now informs you in real-time when a product variant is out of stock, and you are able to make the necessary adjustments.

It’s up to you how you want to proceed — continue selling the OOS variants (our recommended option if you’re using order routing), display the “Out Of Stock” variant status in your store, or remove the unavailable variants from the listing.

Read more about it here.

Choose when to send your orders to production

You have full control over your Printify orders — choose when to send your orders to production (default settings: automatically after 24 hours). You can make adjustments to these settings by clicking here.

If you have multiple stores, the settings will need to be adjusted for each store.

Make changes to your orders directly in your account

Things can change pretty unexpectedly — and we get that. Whether your customer provided the wrong shipping address or ordered the wrong size, there’s always a chance of something unforeseen coming up.

You can edit or cancel your order by navigating to the “Orders” tab of your account and clicking on a particular order.

Click here to learn more about editing and canceling your orders.

Please note that depending on the order’s stage of fulfillment, some changes may not be possible to make.

Enable order routing to send your orders to another print provider when facing issues

Our order routing feature will reroute an order (or a product) to an alternative print provider if the original product goes out of stock, or if the print provider becomes temporarily unavailable.

Order routing still remains our most effective solution to stock issues, and we strongly recommend enabling it for your store, especially during the holiday season.

If you’ve enabled order routing, you won’t need to remove the unavailable product variants from your store listing because the product will be automatically routed to another print provider for fulfillment. Read more about it here.

Stay informed about any orders that require your attention

Although most processes are automated, occasionally an order may require further action on your behalf.

You’ll be notified of any order issues by the red labels in the “Orders” tab of your Printify account. To see the full details, click on the individual order.

Recreate a canceled order with a couple of clicks

If an order has been canceled, you can easily recreate it by clicking “Recreate order”. This will create a new order using the same order data. You can also make changes to the order before sending it to production.

What’s next?

If your sales are increasing steadily, consider upgrading to the Printify Premium plan. Why, you may ask? With the Premium plan, you’ll be able to access up to 20% lower production prices, thus increasing your profit margin or allowing you to lower your retail prices to become more competitive.

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