No, it’s not possible to automatically switch between different print providers based on the customer’s shipping address.

The print provider that you choose at the time of creating the product will be used for order fulfillment.

You can see the print provider’s fulfillment center location in each product page. If the same print provider has more than one fulfillment center, it will be listed as “Worldwide”.

Please note: If you’ve enabled Order Routing, orders may be fulfilled by another print provider in case of a stock or capacity issue.

However, if you’d like to manually switch the print provider for customers in different locations, there is a workaround available. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

OK, but what if I choose a print provider that has multiple fulfillment centers worldwide?

Yes, in that case, the order will be automatically fulfilled in the fulfillment center that is the closest to the customer’s delivery location. Typically, the same products are available in all of the print provider’s fulfillment centers.

However, please note that it is not always guaranteed as other factors such as product stock availability also come into play and may result in the order being fulfilled in another location.

Print providers with multiple fulfillment centers worldwide:

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