To save you some time, our team has launched a new feature that allows you to quickly replace the print provider of a product and proceed with order fulfillment.

If an order contains a product that is out of stock or discontinued, you can easily replace the print provider while keeping the same product and design. The changes can be made directly within the order.

How it works

1. In the “Orders” section of your Printify account, click on the affected order.

2. Click “Find an alternative print provider” to see the available print provider options.

3. In this step, you’ll be able to see the price difference of the available options.

Please note: The price difference doesn’t take into account the associated shipping costs and taxes, which is why we recommend choosing a print provider from the same region as the original, whenever possible.

4. Click Select next your preferred option and confirm it.

5. The page will reload as the shipping costs and taxes are recalculated. Review the final costs before sending the order to production by clicking Fulfill order.

If you’d like to have the unavailable variant replaced automatically next time, make sure to enable order routing for your store.

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