Our ceramic ornaments are always a big hit during the holiday season. And it’s easy to see why — these ornaments make great personalized gifts for your loved ones and will surely add a unique touch to any Christmas tree.

While there are many design possibilities, there are also a few limitations to keep in mind. Have a look at our list of design do’s and don’ts to make sure that your ornaments turn out spectacular.

Design do’s

  • Try to use bright colors wherever possible

  • If you’re using a white background, make sure to use bold, strong lines and text

  • Due to the manual positioning process, a perfect symmetry can’t be guaranteed, which is why patterns that cover the entire print area will work best

  • Photographs may also be used and pair well with the glossy surface of the product

  • Make sure to cover the entire Mockup Generator template with your design — unless you want to keep the white background. This way, you avoid any unprinted areas in the final product.

  • Keep the most important design elements within the safe area (area within the dashed line). Here there’s no risk of it being cropped. Anything outside this zone should be reserved for background colors.

Design don’ts

  • Avoid using designs that rely on highly precise positioning, as a slight deviation may occur (up to 5 mm)

  • Avoid using gradients (especially with light colors) — due to the specifics of the printing technique and the material, the outcome may appear a bit fuzzy

  • Be mindful of the small product size and avoid using tiny, intricate details and lines to ensure a clear, sharp outcome

Considering the affordable price of our ornaments, it’s worth ordering a sample before you launch the product in your store. This way, you’ll have full confidence in the product before offering it to customers.

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